Who Am I Anyway?

Hello!!  My name is Molly Phair and first of all, THANK YOU for visiting my website.  You might be wondering, who is this Molly Phair Phitness chick? Well, I am a 41 year old Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, Nutrition and Exercise coach at Peak Medical Clinic (here in Klamath Falls, OR) AND I have been learning a lot about the use of Amino Acid Therapy for mental health and want to be come certified in this approach to wellness soon!

I am also a mom of 4 amazing kids ranging from 18-11.  My three oldest are boys and my baby is my one and only girl! They are growing up SO FAST and I can hardly stand it!  The oldest is a senior this year and I just wonder where the years went and if I did enough to prepare him for the real world! I also have an amazing husband who supports all of my crazy and I swear is the only man on the planet who could put up with me.  So I am sending out a major #blessed for him in my life!  My priorities in life are first and foremost my faith, my family, my health/fitness community and my music.  I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that is a major part of my life.  My husband currently serves as bishop in our ward and I am currently serving as the Primary President.  Church keeps us busy but we love it and rejoice in the opportunity to give service to our God!  Our kiddos keep us super busy with music lessons, sports, church  and all that! I know you can relate! I graduated from college as a certified Music Therapist and I love the piano and singing.  The piano really is my soul and allows me to express my emotions in a non-verbal way which is often very important for me.  I am an introvert through and through but often people who know me from my online presence only find that hard to believe.  Trust me it’s true.  I love to connect and teach and guide but I can only do it because I get to do it safely from the walls of my own home whilst sitting behind my computer! I LOVE MY JOB!! LOL :)))))

If you have followed me at all on Facebook (my main hub for now) then you know that I have also struggled with some pretty massive health/auto-immune issues over the last decade.  I was one of those girls growing up that was skinny shamed and never had to worry about what I ate.  As I got older and went off to college I began to exercise a lot because I just loved the way that it felt.  Especially running!  Then I got married at 21 and had my first child at 23.  All was well and nutrition/weight still wasn’t on my radar.  Exercising just felt good and burned my crazy so I did it.  Then I had my 3rd son and the baby weight was a little harder to get off.  THEN….I had my fourth baby at the age of 30.  This was a whole ‘nother ball game my friends.  Not only was the baby weight NOT coming off, around her first birthday I had my first MAJOR bacterial infection.  I won’t go into details but if you have ever had one, you know exactly what I mean!! Right ladies….this is some serious no bueno!  This began what turned into 2.5 years of rounds of every antibiotic and anti-fungal (yes I am talking yeast!) on the planet.  I was having monthly/cyclical bacterial infections and then my symptoms began to blossom out into hormonal upheaval, migraines, psoriasis, dermatitis, weight gain, irritable, exhausted, food sensitivies, increased season allergies, anxiety, depression, and so forth.  I think you get the picture.  It wasn’t pretty.  And sorry if this is TMI but bacterial infections make being intimate pretty difficult and my husband and I began to lovingly refer to my vagina as the RING OF FIRE!!!  Man did it burn! Just keepin’ it real! I often felt like I was seriously going crazy!

So after all of this, what I was doing CLEARLY wasn’t working so my husband and I set off on a journey to try to work on healing myself more holistically.  I walked away from the doctor for good (who was very well intention-ed!) and we began our own search.  My husband was the first to actually find a protocol online to help heal bacterial infections.  It was expensive and we were very poor, but we were also desperate.  We bought the protcol and all of the supplements and things I needed for it and went all in.  It was a very restrictive diet with a very regimented supplement protocol.  It worked WONDERS!!!  I went through some pretty wicked detox symptoms for about a month but after that, I felt like a totally new person.  My weight was coming off, my energy was back, my hormones began to regulate, my migraines were gone, my skin was clearing up and I didn’t want to scream at my kids on the daily.  This was the beginning of my life in the nutritional therapy realm.  I became a believer in holistic healing.  This is when I began to run my Rock Your Body Challenges where the focus was on finding balance around the foundations or pillars of health which are exercise, nutrition, detox, sleep, personal/spiritual development and stress management.

Then we went to Hawaii and I decided that I wanted to just relax with food and routine and I ate whatever I wanted.  Somehow, this clicked a raging food bingeing monkey inside of me.  When I got home, I COULD NOT stop eating and get back to my protocol.  Thus began my food eating disorder.  I began cycling between following a protocol or similar diet plan and then falling into the sugar addiction and bingeing pit.  This began another journey for me of figuring out why I was doing this and how to self-correct it.  This work was much more mental and from a place of lot of prayer and studying, I realized that I had to create balance in my life and I had to employ a set of mind-tools and tricks to come out of the crazy cycle that I was in.  This is how my Bye, Bye Binge Self-Study course was born.  I used the principles of the Word of Wisdom and an accumulation of all I had learned from the experts in the field of overeating/sugar addiction to come up with an 80/20 program of health and balance focusing on the trinity of physical, spiritual and mental wellness.

And today, almost a decade later I am still on my journey of daily healing and self-improvement but I have come such a long way!! Now my passion is to invite every single person who can relate to my story in any way, to join me and find a place of balance and healing in as holistically a way as we can.  Food truly can be our medicine. We don’t have to feel stuck and sick.  We don’t just have to live with it.  And we certainly shouldn’t just be putting band-aids on our symptoms! We HAVE to find and address our root cause dysfunction so we can heal.  This stems from education and then working consistently on daily habits. We focus on progress over perfection and balance over obsessive dieting.  We focus on the physical, spiritual AND mental because they are all intrinsically tied together. THIS is how we will slowly become the best and healthiest version of ourselves.

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