Are you a woman in her late 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s and you feel like you just can’t lose weight like you used to despite all of your efforts? Is your body shape changing, hormones changing and you crave feeling and looking like you did 10-20 years ago? Well, all is not lost my friend. I am going to do a 2 part blog series all about the female metabolism and how to harness our fat burning hormones in such a way to balance our bodies and get them working more efficiently again! Also to give you hope that it is possible!

One of my biggest pet peeves is women who feel like they just have to settle for feeling less than their best under the guise of “I am just getting older” or “my body doesn’t work like it used to” or “because of menopause I just can’t lose the weight”. We need to be more proactive in our health care. For one, as women we need to be checking our hormones as we age at least yearly so we know how they are changing and two, we need to be our own health care advocates and find solutions that work with our bodies instead of against them. 

So let’s get started on part 1 of this series: the three laws of metabolism. Part 2 will talk all about our specific hormones that regulate metabolism and then Part 3 will be your action steps guide on what to DO about it!  I largely premise my comments below on Dr. Jade Teta’s findings in his Metabolic Renewal program.


Law #1: The law of Metabolic Compensation 


You may have heard this before but many doctors compare our metabolism to a calculator or chemistry lab and that it’s all about calories in and calories out or eating less and exercising more. However this simply isn’t the case.  This is why when you eat less and exercise more, your metabolism will produce changes that make it so you will compensate with more hunger, lower energy, increased cravings and a slower metabolic rate.  All of this basically sets you up to fail because once motivation is gone you will begin eating more, exercising less and regaining any fat loss you had. Dr. Jade Teta has what he calls SHMEC. He says that when your SHMEC (sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings) is in check then the law of metabolic compensation is working for you. This means that smarter, more intelligent nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes will work for you rather than against you and keep your metabolism humming. 


Law #2: The Law of Metabolic Multitasking


How do most people go about attempting to change the shape of their body? One, they restrict calories and run for miles or they cut carbs, increase protein and lift “all the things”.  In the first approach you can lost fat but you will also compromise your lean muscle. You will get smaller but flabbier-often what we call “skinny fat”.  In the second model I layed out for you, you can build some muscle but you won’t burn a lot of fat. This causes you to look bigger or bulkier but not cut. Basically you are building muscle underneath the layers of fat that remain. The bodies likes to be burning or building and does not like to do both at the same time. But you CAN operate from a smarter approach with a program that primarily burns fat and engages unique metabolic tools that shape and firm muscle at the same time. It will save you time and give you the results that you didn’t know were possible any more! 


Law #3: The Law of Metabolic Efficiency and Individuality


Our metabolism is highly reactive to changes and doing more or longer exercise can easily become a stress to the body-especially if you are just starting out.  Eating less while exercising more only worsens the problem.  Stress is no bueno when it comes to balancing our hormones and keeping up a healthy metabolism.  A stressed body will give you the exact opposite results of what you are looking for. What we actually want is efficiency.  An efficient program will combine optimal intensity with short and specific exercises. Your nutrition needs to be customized to your specific needs based off of your current hormone profile and you need to learn how to live a lifestyle that balances stress. You need to find that healthy balance of just the right amount of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.  More is NOT better.  

These three laws of metabolism are the key to ensuring that you have a healthy metabolism, balanced hormones and are able to burn fat and keep it off. Falling off track with these laws basically guarantees that you will experience rebound fat gain and wasted effort. 

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