• For the woman who is tired of doing “all the things”and joining “all the challenges” just to keep losing and gaining the same pounds over and over again.
  • For the woman who doesn’t have time to slave in the gym or the kitchen to get fit and eat right.
  • For the woman who still thinks that she lacks willpower or discipline in order to create habits that last.
  • For the woman desperate to find balance not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally.

This program is for YOU!

What would it feel like to...

  • Reach your weight loss goals without having to give up your favorite foods
  • Find a solution that doesn’t force you to spend hours in the gym or kitchen 
  • Fit comfortably into all of the clothes in your closet
  • Have energy all day long to serve the ones you love
  • Never have to spend money again on another diet fad, pill or program
  • Effortlessly build habits/routines that you can sustain without the need for willpower
  • Let go of comparison and perfection as you focus on becoming the best version of YOU!
  • Look in the mirror and feel confident and happy with the person look back at you
  • Have a supportive group of women who get you and who are also working towards your same goals that you can lean on for strength and support during the rough times of life
  • Find a place where the focus isn’t just on the physical, but also finding spiritual and mental wellness as well
  • To finally get to the root cause of your struggles without just bandaging over the signs and symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and disease
  • Find freedom from food and sugar addiction
  • Spend less time in the gym and kitchen and more time with the ones you love
  • Look at yourself a year from now and be able to say “WOW, I FREAKING DID IT!”




“I am loving the HHW program. I have seen physical changes (I have lost 10 inches and 7.4lbs after only 1 month!) and I feel mentally stronger when it comes to resisting unhealthy food. I’m learning to reach out when I’m struggling instead of spiraling downward. I have increased my veggie intake and really made nutrition a more important part of my health!”
Lisa Davies
“I’m loving this! It’s not a quick fix, but I’ve lost a couple pounds this month in what feels like a sustainable way. I’m eating way more fruits and veggies then I have in the past. I’m working out everyday for the first time in my life and I’m still not depriving myself. I’m feeling great!”
Ashley Cook
“I have been successful over weekends- which are usually my binging times. I have also lost a couple inches so far which is wonderful!! I am learning to be patient with my journey and eat foods that really help me feel amazing. Also- TMI- but I went from pooping once a week to 2-3 times a day!”
Kristen Richhart
“I learned it is actually quite easy to eat five or more vegetable servings every day. I used to struggle with eating one serving a day. I lost four pounds and became more toned. I love that this program does not have an end in sight like other programs do. The fact that it continues month to month, helps me feel like I always have goals to work on and a level of accountability I wouldn’t have otherwise.”
Shelley Linquist
“I had no motivation to exercise or eat healthy but having a support group and not wanting to waste money on a program I’m not using has helped me to do so much better. I have only been in for a week but have lost 2 lbs already.”
Megan Naylor

Here's why I do what I do...

The Healthy Happy Whole Monthly Membership program was created when I realized that so many women are struggling with the things that I myself have struggled with. Women who hate what they see when they look in the mirror. Women who have tried every diet pill, program and diet to lose a few pounds and then just gain them back-followed by feelings of guilt, frustration, anger, sadness and a feeling of “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I figure this out? How come others can make these changes last but I can’t?” Women who might be struggling with specific health struggles and issues and aren’t getting the answers they are looking for from traditional medicine. Women who are so busy and get exhausted at just thinking about having to come up with yet another meal plan and spending hours in the gym to see minimal results. Women who take care of so many other people and who find it difficult to prioritize themselves. And women who crave that balance of physical, spiritual and mental wellness without tipping the scale too far in any direction. WOMEN WHO NEED A SIMPLE, LONG-TERM APPROACH TO FEELING ENERGETIC, HEALTHY, FIT, HAPPY AND WHOLE!!!

My own personal health struggles took me down the path of what many of you are experiencing today and I needed to find some answers. A simpler way. A way that didn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed and then underwhelmed with my results. At one point, I found myself with 4 kids and feeling overwhelmed with life and struggling with some pretty massive health problems. I struggled with anxiety, depression, weight gain that I couldn’t get off, migraines, skin problems, and chronic, cyclical bacterial infections. I wasn’t very nice to my kids and husband because I was unhappy with myself. I hated what I saw in the mirror. In addition, I secretly struggled with sugar addiction and food binging behavior.

From my mess was born my message…. And if any of this tugs at your heart strings…


Here's how it works:

PS - This is NOT your typical health/wellness program…

This is a monthly membership program that uses an easy six-step system for success alongside
my six pillars of health:

  • 1. Nutrition
  • 2. Exercise
  • 3. Hydration
  • 4. Sleep
  • 5. Stress Management
  • 6. Personal & Spiritual Development

When you join us you will get:

  • A simple six-step system that gives you the tools to transform one habit at a time without ever feeling the pains of restriction or having to give up your favorite foods
  • Access to Evolution Nutrition to create your own customized meal plans in minutes!
  • Monthly Done For You Workout Programs/Calendar via Trainerize App
  • Access to your own Personal Trainning App called Trainerize to track your workouts, meal plans, progress and to stay connected to me as your trainer and coach!
  • A Membership Portal to easily access all of your tools and resources and a place to connect outside of social media!
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Monthly LIVE workouts
  • Monthly mini challenges to push you outside of your comfort zone! 
  • Weekly/Monthly Habit tracker sheets, Morning Planner Template and more! 
  • Quarterly VIP Mini-Courses (mindset, building habits, emotional eating, etc)
  • Discounts on all upcoming Events! 

Bonus time! If you sign up today you will also get….

  1. 15-Minute Strategy Call with Me (valued at $49)

  2. 15 Family Friendly Meals in 20 Minutes or Less E-Book (valued at $49)

  3. Free 30-Day Membership to Healthy Happy Mama Meal Plan Subscription (valued at $97)

  4. 10-Day Detox Protocol (valued at $79)

  5. How to Create Habits that Stick E-Course (valued at $97)

Just imagine what your life could look and feel like a year from now when you join this program…

  • Energy for days

  • All your clothes fit comfortably and you love what you see in the mirror

  • You feel happy and content and love the new lifestyle you are building

  • You are living a healthy lifestyle free of willpower, overwhelm and frustration

  • You have retrained your brain and created habits that serve you instead of hurt you

  • You go to the pool with your kids IN YOUR SWIMSUIT without feeling self-conscious

  • You are an excellent example of health to your family and friends

  • You aren’t perfect-but perfect is boring! Your focus is on daily progress and consistent efforts that have yielded amazing results and you wake up each day excited to keep moving forward!

  • You are reaching your goals WITHOUT starvation, restriction, diet pills or spending $1,000’s on every new thing

  • You wake up each day feeling physically, spiritually and mentally HEALTHY, HAPPY and WHOLE!!

Are you ready for this kind of transformation?

GET STARTED TODAY FOR JUST $97 (then only $34 every 30 days)

OR save $109
when you sign up for a yearly subscription!

What do you get TODAY when you join our community?



1 Month FREE of NEW Healthy Happy Mama Meal Plan Subscription-(Value $32)

10-Day Detox Protocol E-Book-(Value $79)

15 Meals Your Family will LOVE in 20 Minutes E-Book-(Value $49)

How to Create Habits that Stick Course-(Value $97)


Got questions?

[email protected]

FAQ #1: WHAT IF I WANT TO CANCEL? YES, you can cancel at anytime. If you are not getting the value from the program that you hoped to get just email me and I will send you the cancellation instructions. I do not refund for previous months/packages purchased. You cannot pause your membership. If you find yourself in the clutches of LIFE-I totally get it! But these are the times when I urge you to lean on your Healthy Happy Whole family for support and simplify the program by focusing on just one habit at a time. I offer a lot in the program and at times it might seem overwhelming. Don’t feel like you HAVE to do all the things all the time. There will be times that you can and there will absolutely be other times where you will have sit back and just work on one small habit at a time with progress over perfection ALWAYS being your motto.

FAQ #2: HOW DO YOU MODIFY THE NUTRITION AND EXERCISE PLANS TO FIT THE NEEDS OF ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS? That is an excellent question and as you can imagine, it is difficult to ensure that everyone’s needs are addressed. For this membership program, my focus is finding balance and not in the extremes of diet and nutrition. So all meal plans will be macro-nutrient balanced and all exercise programs will have functional fitness in mind with modifications and intensification’s to suit the needs of all. The exercise routines can be accomplished at home or in the gym. I make some equipment recommendations if you workout at home. If you have very specific dietary needs and you would like additional support, you can reach out to me and I can help you make modifications to the meal plan or I can create a customized meal plan for you at an additional cost.

FAQ #3: WHAT IF I AM ALREADY DOING MY OWN EXERCISE AND NUTRITION PROGRAM? WILL THIS PROGRAM STILL BE BENEFICIAL TO ME? YES!! The focus of this program is to work on the daily small habits that over time lead up to big change. I provide the exercise and meal plans to make your life easier, but if you already have that piece dialed in, NO PROBLEM!! You will still be working on the six pillars of health with all of us while also getting the benefit of our support and participating in the fun challenges and personal/spiritual development that we dive into each month!

A new you is just a click away… Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!